Make your Silk Flower Wall Arrangements

Silk flowers are most attractive things which bring an eternal beauty to your home.

Are you looking for ways to decorate your home with silk flower wall arrangements? If he answer is yes just read on this article. These silk flower wall arrangements are easy for anyone to mix and match the silk flowers which suit your home interior that too you can make it in no time.

Picture frames for Silk Flower Wall Arrangements

Use used picture frames for the silk flower wall arrangements base, colorful silk flowers that you like and leaves in different size and shape. You can buy used wooden picture frames at local stores, and choose the frame in right shape and size that look good in your home.

These silk flower wall arrangements can be hung on front door or on the living room wall or over a mantel.

One color or varied shades for Silk Flower Wall Arrangements

Take the frame of any size. If it is used frame clean it nicely to remove dust and stain. Set aside. Purchase silk flowers from any craft store nearby. Choose different varieties which match your home interior and colors of your wall. Try to choose all silk flowers in one color or varied shades of one color.

Buy silk flowers with different stem size. Apply hot glue the silk flower wall arrangements to the picture frame. Stick the silk flowers inside edges of the frame and also fix them around the edges. Place some leaves of different shape in and there around the flowers to give a realistic look.

Homemade Silk Flower Wall Sconces

The beautiful silk flower sconces can increase the beauty of any room. Creating flower wall sconces is a highly enjoyable job and most of your kids really have fun while doing it. By making silk flower, you can add personal touch to your home interior. It is like a priceless creation for your home décor.

Homemade flower wall sconces are inexpensive, just follow these steps,

  1. First take four pieces of wood of same length and width. Make circles into the middle of two pieces. Now insert a non-circle piece of wood into the wood with circles, and form an L-shaped form. Using wood glue and screws attach the other two pieces of wood.

  2. Then paint the wood and container and keep aside to dry. After some time set the silk flower cone inside one silk flower wall sconce frame and put it along the wall to assure that the silk flower wall sconce is in correct height.

  3. Then take your choice of silk flowers, leaves and foliages to fill the cone. Arrange the silk flowers using floral foam. Then hang the silk flower wall on the wall using screws. It is one of the easy ways to decorate your blank wall.

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