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What Does the Christmas Wreath Symbolize?

Christmas wreaths are one of the most important Christmas decorations that are put up during the holiday season. Wreaths have been used as an attractive sign of Christmas for hundreds and hundreds of years. Wreaths have had an elongated history and they are one of the first decorations until now. Wreaths were taken to symbolize a person's heavenly errand, back in the day. The wreath, the circle signified perpetuity since there was no beginning and no end in a circle. Romans looked at the wreath, as a mark that the god Apollo was granting a good errand to the wearer.

Even the Druids believed that the circle and the wreath meant that humans had outshined the normal human timeline. All of these values were varied and incorporated. Thus, it gave birth to the kind of belief we have today. Nowadays, the red holly as well as the scarlet ribbon, frequently found in wreaths, came to symbolize the blood that Jesus shed for us. On the other hand, the Christmas wreaths also came to mean the crown of thorns that the Lord wore during crucifixion. The evergreen plants, such as holly, ivy and pine, which continue green all year, have long been used to generate holiday wreaths.

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