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How to Design Victorian Christmas Wreath?

The Victorian theme is more traditional and it brings us the joy of olden days. Some people want to use Victorian Christmas wreath for a change. Below we can find the wonderful instruction for Victorian Christmas wreath.

Before you start this project do research on Victorian Christmas traditions. Remember you will get all the information in internet itself so no need to hunt anywhere.

To design a Victorian Christmas the things you need are grapevine wreath, ribbon, hot glue gun, miniature of Victorian items like cups, teapot, and silk rose buds, old buttons and other Victorian stuffs.

Take used or new heart shaped grapevine wreath. You can get the good wreaths on yard sale with cheap rates but make sure to buy heavy range floral wire only then it will be easy for you to bending it into hooks. Glue that in to V of wreath to indicate Victorian.

Now take the ribbon and wind around the wreath and wrap it till it meets the beginning spot. Use the Victorian colors like blue, mauve and pink for ribbon. Use hot glue to fasten the beginning and ending of the ribbon.

Set your items over the wreath as you wish and glue them firmly to secure and allow them to dry. Thus, you are finished with your Victorian Christmas wreath.

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