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How to Make a Pinecone Christmas Wreath?

Pinecones are one of the common terms that are in use during the Christmas time everywhere. To make a pinecone Christmas wreath first we should learn to make fine pinecones. Here in this article let's see how to make a pinecone or pinecones for your pinecone Christmas wreath.

First you need to gather different sizes of pinecones altogether. Once you gather the different sizes of pinecones make sure to clean it properly. After that cut the wire into pieces and wrap each piece of wire into each cone.

Make sure to cut the wire pieces according to the sizes of pinecones. Twist the ends together in order to secure the pine cones then insert the end into the Styrofoam circle. With the help of the glue fix that pinecone in to its place. Once the pinecone is placed spray the pinecone Christmas wreath with the adhesive spray then sprinkle it with glitters.

Now you can decorate your pinecone Christmas wreath with any thing you desire. No matter either with ornaments or with other accessories but makes sure that pinecone Christmas wreath must look perfect and attractive. Snowing over the pinecone wreath will give a wintry look. This way you can make the pinecones for your pinecone Christmas wreath.

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