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Icy Outdoor Christmas Wreath

Icy outdoor Christmas wreath is unique and it is very much creative and it is also very much ideal for this cold gray days of winter. This icy outdoor Christmas wreath plays two different roles. When it freezes it plays the role of perfect outdoor Christmas wreath and once it melt down it plays the second roles by feeding birds, monkeys and squirrels.

To design this icy outdoor Christmas wreath you need to place the weighted container at the center of a large container and fix it properly. Through out the mold Sprinkle half of the evergreen needles and cranberries. Let the ice layer there itself and it is not required that the ice should be frozen state.

At the center layer of the mold scatter twigs, dried corns, sticks and fill the mold with enough water and now the layer start turning into ice. At the top of the layer spread the remaining blueberries and needles and fill the top layer with water.

Now freeze this icy outdoor Christmas wreath for overnight or several hours. If the wreath becomes frozen then it is time to remove the containers. Now fix the twin to the icy outdoor Christmas wreath in order to hang that in a tree or appropriate stand.

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