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Effective Ways to Make Country Christmas Wreath

North Carolina high country Christmas trees are the finest Christmas tree in the world. The wreaths made up of this tree material is called North Carolina high country Christmas wreaths. Here, let's see how to make country Christmas wreath in forth coming paragraphs.

Things required to make this country Christmas wreath are homespun cloth, evergreen wreath, hot glue gun, raffia, cinnamon sticks, dried orange and apple slices, ginger bread cut outs, wire and wire tires.

Attach the raffia ribbon or homespun on a plain evergreen wreath. Secure the ribbon with hot glue on the back of the wreath and trim the excess part of the ribbon. Bind the bundle of raffia and cinnamon sticks and hot glue them to secure. Hot glue the gingerbread over the country Christmas wreath and stick dried orange and apple slice over the wreath.

For bold color you can insert orange or red winter berries to entire country Christmas wreath. Now try to attach a homespun bow with wire tires. The final step is to secure the wire on either side of the back with wire tires. Now your country Christmas wreath is ready. This is the effective ways to make North Carolina high country Christmas wreaths.

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