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Magnolia Christmas Wreath

There are several types of decorations used for Christmas. There are many who prepare magnolia Christmas wreath. The decoration of Christmas depends upon the tradition and resources available with the individual.

Some people prefer to buy artificial wreaths. Now a days people have become environment conscious and hence avoid cutting of trees and use branches instead. Usually wreaths are prepared from conifer branches but in places like South America people make magnolia Christmas wreaths from broadleaf magnolia.

The leaves of magnolia are preserved by dipping their base in glycerin. Some people soak the ends in glycerin or floor wax for a few days. This is important as the leaves have to be fresh while preparing magnolia Christmas wreath.

Magnolia leaves are broad and hence easy to mould into a wreath. One can even make it at home. One needs floral wire, glue, snipers and a pretty ribbon to make a beautiful looking magnolia Christmas wreath.

To make the wreath at home, one needs to twist the floral wire around each magnolia leaf. It would be good to keep the leaves in a pattern i.e. one leaf each at left, right and center. One has to keep adding the leaf at the bottom, when it becomes long enough, one can tie the ribbon or stick it. In no time one can create a beautiful magnolia Christmas wreath.

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