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Live Christmas Wreaths

If you see a wreath hung on the front of the door then it typically brings to mind Christmas. In reality, wreaths were first used in the historical mores of Persia. At that time, they were recognized as "diadems" and indicate the status of dignity. Each handcrafted live Christmas wreath has all the likely exquisiteness of the great outdoors, and a fresh balsam scent. Normally the stores use the freshest boughs with natural materials to handcraft our traditional yet well-designed Christmas Wreaths and Evergreens. Noble Fir is known for their aromatic, enduring silvery blue needles.

The live Christmas wreaths are made from harvested overgrown Christmas tree plantations, and no trees are cut down in the process. Most of the Wreaths and Evergreen items are adorned with three accent points - each featuring the outstanding and vivacious contrast of true blue Juniper Berries, tuned by bright red faux berries, with a large Ponderosa Pine Cone nested on a Cedar Spray. Traditional evergreen Christmas wreaths are always graceful and they put the scent of Christmas throughout the house. The season highlights love, harmony and splendor. The holiday mood of the period is venerated with live Christmas wreaths. The live Christmas wreath reveals the happy mood of the season.

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