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Making Kids Christmas Wreath With Kids

Christmas wreath kids can make and we can name it as kids Christmas wreath. Making your kid to involve in such activities provide a great bonding experience during this holiday season. Here, let's learn how to bring such experience by making kids Christmas wreath.

Things you need to make kids Christmas wreath are grapevine wreath, bow, one inch wide colorful ribbon, pinecones, hot glue gun, and holly berries.

Bind the wreath loosely with the colorful ribbon and fasten that at several points using hot glue gun. Fasten only at the back side of the wreath. Since the glue gun is too hot insist your kid to use that by guiding them properly that will help you to avoid the accident.

Make bow with that colorful ribbon and then fix the bow at the top of the kids Christmas wreath. Make sure to fix it with hot glue gun to secure.

Once you and your finish with the bow now pick the pinecones and glue it on the wreath with hot glue again. Make sure to insert the grapevine point inside so that the entire kids Christmas wreath will look natural.

Finally spread the holly berries around the edges because the colors of the berries have the potential to highlight the entire kids Christmas wreath.

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