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Instructions For Making Christmas Wreaths

Being an element of the set of long-established Christmas ornaments these superbly crafted and can be handmade adornment that brings forth novelty to the holiday seasons fun.

Here are a few instructions for making Christmas wreaths:

Use a wire coat hanger as the base for your wreath. Cast the hanger into the shape of a circle, parting the curved end in one piece for hanging. Double up on the hangers to add further support, linking the two hangers using wire.

Wrap your hangers with floral tape so that they unify with your greenery.

Set craft moss all around your frame, securing it with your floral wire. Although not essential, the moss will help offer and affix for the branches you are going to add.

Keep one of the branches on the wire frame and protect it in place using the floral wire.

Add another branch such that it overlies the stem of the first one. Keep on adding branches in this way awaiting the whole base is covered.

Finally embellish your wreath using ribbons, pine cones, glitter, berries, holly sprigs or any other decoration you wish. Join your adornments using the floral wire or tape, or use a hot glue gun to affix them in a more stable way.

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