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How to make easy Christmas wreaths?

If you are looking for how to make easy Christmas wreaths here is the solution for you. Pine and cedar are the best choices to make easy Christmas wreaths but cedar can eliminate the dropping needle problem.

The first step for how to make easy Christmas wreath is you need to gather the twigs, pine and leaf branches. Cut the unwanted edges that prevent the damages and clean them properly once you cut them.

After that, bring an ordinary metal coater-hanger and bend that into circle. To tie he twigs you can use thin wire or strings but wire is more recommended. Now tie the circle with leaves that will make it pretty thicker. Over the leaves (or any other evergreen you choose) tie the pine branches. Laurel is one of the best choices to use here.

Once you done with the previous process, in order to make Christmas wreaths accomplished, design a bow and attach it over the wreath. You can also attach few ornaments and other accessories along with the bow if you want. Make sure that the needle shouldn't drop down but in case if the needles drop down by accident no matte, the twigs and leaves remain pretty for time being.

This is the best way for those who looking for how to make easy Christmas wreaths.

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