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How to Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath?

If you want to know “How to make a Christmas wreath?” then this article is the right place for you to land in because once you finish this article, it will defiantly teach you how to make a Christmas wreath.

To make the fresh Christmas wreath you need to place your Christmas greens on your work surface. You need the clippers to cut the branches into eight inch pieces. Then fix the wire hanger at the work surface and twist the hanger to bring circle shape. Thus, you can make the hanger for the wreath.

Now you need to fix the florist wire at the top of the wreath and pix the branches one by one overlapping. Continue till it forms a circle and close it at the end with greens. As a final touch you need to adjust the fresh Christmas wreath. If you happen to see and space or spots make sure to hide the spots with the branches by tucking the branch under the wire.

If the wreath dries then the branches will shrink so tighten the wire, which is in the wreaths in case if it is necessary. Trim the branches that are come out from the circle. Finally fix the bow with wire for extra support.

Hope now you got the answer for how to make a fresh Christmas wreath.

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