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How to Make A Dog Christmas Wreaths

Nothing looks better in December than a charming Christmas wreath. It puts visitors and guests in a happy holiday spirit before they have even stepped inside your home. A dog Christmas wreath is a sole decoration and an ideal Christmas gift for any dog lover. You can make them to give away, or you can create one especially for your own canine best friend. Here a few steps on making a dog Christmas wreaths:

Wrap the Styrofoam wreath with the wide ribbon, wrapping in a sloping fashion. Attach the beginning and ending of the ribbon to the back of the Styrofoam.

Use the remaining wide ribbon to tie a big bow, and glue it to the top of the dog wreath. Cut several pieces of narrow ribbon about 10 inches in length. Use them to tie the dog wreath to the Styrofoam.

Tie some small bows with the narrow ribbon and use straight pins to attach the bows to a few of the empty areas.

Fill in the remaining empty spots with real or artificial greenery. Poke the stems into the Styrofoam, and secure them with a bit of white craft glue.

Finally your dog Christmas wreath is ready to be used.

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