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How to Design a Christmas Wreath?

By viewing this article how to design a Christmas wreath you can design your own Christmas wreath. This article is all about how to design a Christmas wreath with the fresh flowers. The wreaths with fresh flowers give charm and natural feel. Making the wreath with the kids gives blissful experience and brings family affair as well.

To design a Christmas first you need to remove the needles of small springs of blue pine and then you cut them into small pieces. No matter you cut or trim the needles. Totally cut thirty springs of berried ivy. Then dress the oasis ring in small direction initially.

Now fix those blue pines inside and outside clockwise and cover the entire ring or frame with the same procedure and fix the wired pinecone at the center of the oasis ring. Stuff the wire prongs through the apple. Make sure that half of the apple show bottom and other half show at the top and repeat the same processes for all the twelve apples. Wire the cinnamon bundles and fix them in the wreath accordingly.

Arrange the items in such a way that pinecones, apples and bundles should fix properly because they may fall down when you hang them in a wall in case if you don't fix them properly. Then fix the bow with the help of the wire to secure. This is how to design a Christmas wreath.

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