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How Do You Make Real Christmas Wreaths?

This article is all about how you make real Christmas wreaths. Making a real Christmas wreath is a traditional thing. Usually in olden days people used to make real wreaths.

Due to busy life every trend has changed but still few people are love to smell that tradition because these real wreaths are very much festive, it smells nice and making this family project is full of fun.

This article is the best answer for the question how do you make real Christmas wreaths. Let's elaborately see the steps to make the real wreaths in forth coming paragraphs.

Before you make the real Christmas wreaths we need to gather certain things like fir branches, cedar, pine, clipped to size, wreath frame, small gauge wire, holiday ribbon, holy springs, hot glue gun and holy springs and table cloth or other covering materials.

Now keep the frame of the wreaths on the working place and gather all the needed stuffs handy. Fix the first pine bough on the wreath frame. Start from the top and go towards clockwise. Produce several loops to secure the bough and wrap the end of the wire around the base of the bough.

Keep adding the bough till you cover the entire wreath and make the wreath frame not visible and add the holy spring along with that. Now make the bow and attach it to the desired position with the help of hot glue.

Now, I hope you got the answer for the question “How do you make real wreaths?”

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