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History of The Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are as old as the Christianity itself. The history of Christmas wreath dates back to pre-Christian Era according to historians. Earlier people believe that wreaths, which were made of evergreen leaves, could bring sunshine to their lands. Even though exact origin of a wreath cannot be found in the history of Christmas wreath, historians believe that the tradition is quite old.

Wreaths were significant place in Christianity. They symbolize the eternal joy, happiness, and pride. They were made of twigs and branches. According to the history of Christmas wreath, they held special significance during marriage ceremonies.

It is believed that Greeks used wreaths in place of crowns. The wreath honored a winner in the Olympic. If we glance through the history of Christmas wreath, it is apparent that kings in Rome adorned wreaths. Elite class women even used wreath for ornamental purposes.

According to history of Christmas wreaths, the hanging of wreath is a Catholic ritual. Wreaths are hanged in doorways during the festive season of Christmas. This tradition is known as Advent. There is a tradition to put four candles around the wreath and one candle was put in the middle of wreath. Wreath is usually in the shape of circle, which symbolizes that God is eternal since the circle does not have a starting or ending point.

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