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Green Christmas Wreath ľA Symbol of Hope and Life

A green Christmas wreath can either be made of real leaves and branches or can be made of artificial, plastic leaves. A green wreath is a symbol of life and prosperity and depicts god's mercy and love to the world. It is one of the typical decorations of the Christmas season and every home has Christmas wreaths of varied colors and sizes. It looks enchanting and beautiful and symbolizes faith and makes a perfect gift for someone you care. You can embellish a green Christmas wreath with various other adornments such as silk ribbons, gold and silver glitter.

A fresh green Christmas wreath can even be recycled by removing the fir from the wreath and use it as a potpourri. They are renewable and do not contribute to global warming .When hung on the front door, they are viewed as a symbol of welcoming visitors for dinner. These wreaths are the first sign that Christmas season has arrived. No home decoration is complete without a Christmas wreath to compliment all other decorations. Christmas wreaths have been used as hanging adornments right from the 15th century. A traditional Christmas wreath is made of spruce and pine and always depicts peace and happiness.

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