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Giant Christmas Wreath

Christmas is time to celebrate. If you are using left-over pieces from your Christmas tree, cut out 12-I5cm sections of branches and work your way around the frame, inserting the sprigs so that the stems are secured underneath the wire (or you can twist more wire around the frame if needs be) and making sure they are all facing in the same direction to make an ideal giant Christmas wreath.

Once you have your pine frame there are endless possibilities to spruce it up, adding holly sprigs and berries from your garden at even intervals around the giant Christmas wreath, variegated ivy or Christmas baubles which you can attach with more florist's wire, dried fruits, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and festive ribbon.

Strategically-placed clusters of three pine cones look really effective - you'll need about three trios of cones evenly spaced at three intervals for a giant Christmas wreath.

Variegated plants add more interest. Good varieties to use include Ilex 'Silver Queen', a holly which has green foliage and a silver edge, and Eucalyptus gunnii, which is an attractive blue-green variety.

If you don't have evergreen clippings from your garden but you do have colorful bark and stems from your winter dogwood, it is suggested to try giant Christmas wreath, made out of willows and dogwoods and for which no frame is needed.

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