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How to Create Citrus Fruit Christmas Wreath?

A citrus fruit Christmas wreath is more attractive and hygienic as well. This type of wreaths gives pleasant smell of citrus to entire environment. Always use the unripe citrus fruits rather than ripped citrus fruit because ripped fruits may punctured at any time.

Also choose smaller citrus like small lemon, lime, small oranges and so on as that will be easy to fix on citrus fruit Christmas wreath.

The materials that required for citrus fruit Christmas wreath are leafy stem of citrus tree with citrus fruits, 18 inch wreath frame, plant clippers, long nail, wire, small lemons, oranges and limes, walnuts, pipe cleaners, hot glue gun and so on.

Break 12 inch lengths of leafy stem, which is enough to cover the entire wreath frame. Make sure to remove the unattractive and defective leaves from the stem. Stick the cuttings into the frame of fruit Christmas wreath and continue towards clockwise.

Prick the citrus fruit with long nail at its end and insert the pipeline into that prick end that pipe cleaner will fasten the fruit on the wreath. No design the fruit as you wish over the fruit Christmas wreath. Add walnut and fix it with the hot glue gun. This way you done with your fruit Christmas wreath.

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