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Christmas Wreath Swag

Christmas wreath swag is easy to create and is an appealing option to the ordinary holiday wreath. Swags are dried substances attached to flat frame. Swags can be used to decorate doors and mantels.

First, you need to make a frame that will support the greenery; you can even use the bamboo stakes to make the frame. Next, you need should tie the branches in loose shape. You can place two sidepieces and branches on top. Then secure the wire around the corners. You will have to arrange the greenery, you can choose from pine or cedar, though you can choose any material to make Christmas wreath swag.

You must make sure that the frame is entirely covered with greenery. Wrap floral wire around the flat surfaces. You are free to decorate it as per your preference. Your Christmas wreath swag can be hanged on the doorway or the hall. It will attract the attention of your visitors. A real Christmas wreath swag would also remind you of the spirit of Christmas through its fragrance. It looks appealing aesthetically.

A homemade Christmas wreath swag will save you costs as well as give you satisfaction of celebrating Christmas in your own style.

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