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How to Make Christmas Wreath Ribbon

Christmas wreath ribbon plays a great role when we speak about Christmas decorations. Bows highlight all the Christmas stuffs and these bows are made up of Christmas wreath ribbon.

Christmas tinsel ribbon is the latest trend of this year. Fortunately this tinsel Christmas wreath ribbon is very easy to make. In forthcoming paragraph lets see how the make tinsel Christmas wreath ribbon out of metallic ribbon.

Things required to make this Christmas wreath ribbon are three to four inch wide metallic ribbon, floral wire, wire cutter, ribbon shredder, Styrofoam wreath frame and spray paint. Determine the size and color of the wreath. Usually the diameter range between 12 and 24. Gather all the required materials handy. For the whole project of Christmas wreath ribbon you need 20 to 40 yards of metallic ribbon. Make the floral wire into four inch long and bit longer is also pretty fine because you can trim it later.

Spray the paint over the Styrofoam wreath frame. Make sure to choose the suitable color for spray paintings. After that cut the ribbon into six inch strips.

Take the shredded ribbon and fold it into half and tie it with floral wire. Repeat the same steps for all the strips. Push each pompom into the frame with the help of the sharp end of the wire. This way you can use tinsel Christmas wreath ribbon.

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