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Christmas Wreath Pin

The Christmas tree is undoubtedly the focal point of the house during the festive period. It's where family and friends open presents and gather in the evenings. It brings magic and light into the home, so finding the right tree is very important along with Christmas wreath pinned decoratively.

Decide where you're going to place the tree in your home. Test for freshness by hitting the trunk on the pavement to see how many needles fall off repeat the same for Christmas wreath pins you have created.

Wrap your Christmas wreath pined in decoration in an old blanket or plastic sheet until you get home.

Avoid placing your Christmas wreath pin near a heat source such as radiators or fireplaces and hide the light wires so people don't trip over them.

For the traditional look combine the color red with Santa, holly berries, sleighs, reindeer, presents, Christmas pudding and sweets. Use shiny ribbons, ornaments, glitter, tinsel, tin icicles, crystals and beads for a gold or silver look, while notes, music scores, 'red ribbons, red and gold instruments such as harps are great for a musical theme.

This will really perk up the spirits in festive season, Christmas wreath pinned decoratively can please your visitors with its uniqueness.

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