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Christmas Wreath on a Wood Door

A Christmas wreath on a wood door brightens up home in a traditional way. There are several ways to make it and hang it on the front door or any other door. A Christmas wreath on a wood door can be done either using water-holding block such as oasis or base of willow withies. Florists uses oasis which is a dark green sponge blocks that has moisture when soaked in water. Oasis lasts for long hours as it includes fresh flowers and greenery and this is very much ideal for Christmas wreath on a wood door.

Holly and ivy are most commonly used for traditional Christmas wreath on a wood door. Ivy should be handled carefully as it is persistent to skin reaction which can be avoided by wearing appropriate gloves. Also laurel leaves from spruce tree can be used as an alternative for greenery. Oasis also has pine cones whereby florist wire is made into stems and the end of the cones are attached to the stem.

The base of willow withies gives a natural look for the wreath and is the best alternative. Willow is made up of long shoot that are produced from grounds. Withies are also known as whip and they are harvested earlier and seasoned before it is made use of.

Willow wreath cannot withstand the components that an Oasis wreath holds. There are many more methods to make a Christmas wreath on a wood door. In fact it is very much simple and easy but it is to be done carefully.

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