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Christmas Wreath Meaning

When December starts then you will see most of the houses filled with Christmas decorations. Among various decorations, Christmas wreaths are generally incorporated in the all important list, next to the Christmas tree. From the primeval times it has been the most enduring decorations for Christmas. During ancient times, wreaths were normally created as a mark of celestial errand from the gods. Its circular shape symbolizes perpetuity since circles have no beginning as well as no end.

However the wreath came into picture where for Romans, the wreath that Apollo had was a symbol of eternal love. For the Druids, the wreath and the circle asserted the extension of nature outshining normal human timelines. With the mixture and migration of different nations and traditions throughout history, the meaning of the wreath became a mix of pagan ad Christian customs. Christianity started spreading and thus the meaning of Christmas wreaths that we know now, changed. The meaning characterized by the circle stayed behind; but, it came to mean the everlasting love of Christ and Jesus. The holy berries and the scarlet ribbon are embodied the blood of Jesus Christ. On the whole, Christmas wreaths are thought to symbolize the crown of thorns that Jesus had to wear during his crucifixion.

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