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Make Your Own Wreath Using a Christmas Wreath Frame

The Christmas wreath is a traditional adornment that is normally hung up on the main door as a welcoming symbol to guests and visitors. The practice of hanging a wreath goes back to the Roman times when the Romans used to hand wreaths as a sign of victory after winning a war. A Christmas wreath frame usually serves as a base around which you make the wreath with pine cones, fake snow, berries, nuts and lights. Evergreen is normally used to make the circular frame because it last the entire winter and is symbolic of strength and immortality.

Since the circular frame has no end or beginning, it is a depiction of the everlasting love and mercy of God. A Christmas wreath frame can be made of various materials such as natural coir, straw padded frame; dark brown slim frame, natural unbleached willow and natural unlacquered ring. Frames made of foam are also available.

When you have a frame available, you can design your own Christmas wreath by choosing your desired colors and decorations right from the start. You can sit down with your family to make the wreaths and turn it into an enjoyable family affair. A Christmas wreath frame is available in different sizes too.

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