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The Best and Easy Ways to Make a Christmas Wreath candle

Wreaths play main role in Christmas decorations especially Christmas wreath candle. Instead of buying the Christmas wreath candles you can make it at your home. In is very much fun and easy to decorate and it is also best to give as a gift. Following simple steps will help you to make a perfect Christmas wreath candle.

First thing you need to choose the base for your Christmas wreath candle. The base should be round and flat. Then you need to choose the best color that compliments the wreath and its decorations. Black or silver color is good choice.

Buy the bendable wire form the craft store and bend that into circular shape. To form a solid circle of branches you need to adjust the branch ends together. Keep plenty of space in the circular Christmas wreath candle so that it will be easy to fit the candle.

Make beautiful bows and fix it in the empty space where there are no candles. Instead of bows you can also use craft wire to tie miniature candy canes. Remember small ornaments, bells and balls give additional effects so you can add them if you wish.

Large pillar candle at the center highlight the entire Christmas wreath candle. This way you can easily make your own Christmas wreath candle.

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