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Christmas Wine Cork Wreaths

Today Christmas debauchery is less of a problem than consumer frenzy and exhaustion; and again there are those who would like to dim the gaudy lights. Christmas descends, like the Word of God, into the midst of our debauchery, frenzy and exhaustion. Christmas spoils the peaceful, recollected Advent we had planned to make. People try to bring uniqueness to the occasion by making Christmas wine cork wreaths.

THERE'S nothing more inviting when you are doing a lot of entertaining at Christmas than a festive Christmas wine cork wreaths on the front door, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere even before people have stepped into your home.

But if you haven't been able to buy a Christmas wine cork wreaths yet, it's not too late to make a last-minute one of your own. If you have kept any pruning from your Christmas tree, these will act as a perfect base for the wreath and you can top it up with cuttings from evergreens in your garden, including holly or pyracantha and associated berries.

I think the best Christmas wine cork wreaths are the one which you can buy from any good florist. Pack it with moss, securing it by attaching green wire to one end of the frame and then wrapping it round the moss in a circular fashion all the way around keeping it taut, which will also secure the greenery which you are going to attach. Then tease out the moss to hide the wire.

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