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Christmas Holiday Wreath For Birds

This article is mainly useful only for the bird lovers. Bird lovers want to design their Christmas holiday wreath for their birds. To create a wreath for birds first you need to roll the pinecones in peanut butter and then roll it in birdseed. Around the base of each pinecone wrap the floral wire and fix that to the Christmas holiday wreath.

After that, string some popped cannels of popcorn and roll them with birdseed and peanut butter. String cluster of three or four unsalted peanuts with the needles and tie them to the Christmas holiday wreath. Always use natural threads like raffia. You can use the same process with bundle of fresh grapes as well. Apart from that you can also slice pears, apples or oranges and hang them over the Christmas holiday wreaths.

Make sure to leave the peanuts or fruits two inches long so that it will be easy for the birds to reach. Once the purpose of the Christmas wreath is over you can transform this Christmas holiday wreath into wonderful food for your birds as well. It is always the pleasant feelings watching the birds feeding themselves over the Christmas holiday wreath and you can enjoy this seen along with your morning coffee.

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