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Cemetery Christmas Wreath

Roadside crosses adorn the roadways of many regions of the USA. In the south-western states, the roadside shrine tradition dates back to the early days of Spanish exploration and settlement in the Americas. Once can view graves decorated with cemetery Christmas wreath passing by?

Crosses erected along Texas roadways today reflect varying belief systems and aesthetics, ranging from traditional Catholic shrines topped by nichos. The Austin metropolitan area's active roadside cross tradition is distinctly urban.

Shrines are erected on busy street corners adjacent to megastores and fast food restaurants, in the medians of multilane roadways and freeways, and on private property. Such memorials incorporate any number of changing elements, including cemetery Christmas wreath, photographs, ceramic figurines, handwritten notes, religious objects and seasonal decorations such as Christmas ornaments or Easter eggs.

Crosses are often, although not always, the centerpieces of these memorial assemblages. The Austin metropolitan area, a part of Travis County, sits squarely on the figurative ideological border, with Catholics making up a slight majority. Thus, Austin area memorials may be read as a manifestation not only of grief and affection for a loved one suddenly departed, but also as highly representative of the region's cultural syncretism, as my research demonstrates.

Contemporary memorials in Austin are erected by people of varying religious affiliations. One can easily see this in the form of cemetery Christmas wreath.

Crosses erected through the Heart of Texas are white, two-foot high structures bearing a red plastic plaque at the crosspiece and decorated with cemetery Christmas wreath.

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