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20 Inch Pre-lit Christmas Wreaths

20 inch pre-lit Christmas wreath would be an ideal decoration to elevate your Christmas mood. Stringing the lights on to your wreaths would require several minutes to get them look just right. Wouldn't it be so much simpler just to unwrap the box and adorn your table or your doors with these wonderful alternatives?

The 20 inch pre-lit Christmas wreath now comes with bright-multicolored LED lights, appealing realistic design, built in auto turn off timer, all within an affordable price. The wreath is artificial, but the design of the wreaths is so realistic and is only noticeably artificial when close up.

The auto off timer built within the 20 inch pre-lit Christmas wreaths allows users to set a predetermined time to keep the wreath on before it turns itself off; this feature is great for late at night, or for when you are leaving the house.

20 inch pre-lit Christmas wreaths are perfect for season after season since they typically have a lifespan that lasts decades before burning out. It is really easy to bring back the shape of the wreath even after its long crunched up storage.

These holidays evergreen 20 inch Christmas wreaths can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration instead of the traditional wreaths. In simple words “old new England like”.

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